Sentinel 4: Dark Star
4.3 (12)
Sentinel 4: Dark Star


The new part of the game, as well as the previous pay, and the price rose slightly, now the game is worth $ 4, last cost about 3.5. Raising prices is not essential, but if left to gain more options in the game that the developers considered one of the best TD for android? And this statement is initially controversial, even if you focus on the last part - about 500 thousand downloads (not bad for a paid game) and 4.2 rating ... seen competitors and solid, but will not deny it, the last part was a decent game.

As it should be soundly paid game, there is, in general, all that you can think of, from the plot to the heap of bells and whistles that should make out details.

The game's plot.
Nothing spectacular here in general do not have - a galactic war is expanding its borders and finds himself in a new world in which you are waiting for new technologies, new enemies and new landscapes, all in all it only what you need and what is important. Anyway, the opening movie immediately adjusts to a certain desired mood and awakens the desire to learn the secrets of the Dark Star, around which will unfold our events. Anyway, whatever the story, your main objective - to protect themselves from the locals who will attack your base.

The gameplay and design.
If we consider that the series of games Sentinel was the founder of the genre, in principle, do not hesitate to say that in the four parts of the game, little has changed, ie, is a classic of the genre. You are still going to build a tower that should reflect the waves of enemies, there are some bonuses in the form of drones in the form of support which can be placed against the enemy, but it has been and fundamental changes to the game adds. Making too hard to call a fundamentally new, regular good-quality graphics, but nothing more than that, it is obvious that the game was made on the proven old engine that has made some border visual capabilities.

Pros and game features Sentinel 4: Dark Star

  • immortal classic
  • twenty six large cards that are suitable for all game modes
  • monumental landscapes
  • a lot of new enemies with unique characteristics
  • a bunch of upgrades for your towers
  • statistics leaderboards and achievements on Google Play

Cons Game Sentinel 4: Dark Star

  • game fee - will have to pay $ 4
  • Donat has bought for which auxiliary chips
  • the graphics are not as cool as we would like
  • when you first start will require internet, many Internet

Bottom line: there is much to find fault and to what you want, but objectively - the game is good, but it paid and given support so that the quality should not be something that we did not expect that the same for the rest, I was expecting more, so I can put the game Only a solid four, as for recommendations - only if you're a fan of this series of games, if not - no problem to find a free analogue that will not be worse, but could be better ...


Sentinel 4: Dark Star


4.29★ 85.88%

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2014/10/14 11:00
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