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World presented in this game and is a kind of cross between steampunk, industrialism and some inclusions of the natural environment is very interesting, as a whole, and it is intended - to explore it is a pleasure that is difficult with something to compare.
The protagonist of that you have to manage this strange creature resembles a large head with a propeller and small paws, plus you in the "bottom" is a tractor beam that can drag objects, which, incidentally, is an important part of the gameplay. The world in which you find yourself at first glance unprepossessing, but still it's full of interesting elements - pipes, crevices, gears, levers, buttons, bollards, stones and other items that you will encounter. The main task of moving forward raking their way their brains, because somewhere will have to think, somewhere remember and somewhere to show skill and cunning. Pretty quickly you addicted to this exciting atmosphere and the game will delay you, and for a long time, because some of the levels are very complex and will require you a lot of time on their passage.

But it was not without moments to which you can complain about, especially if you remember that game and paid for it ask for a little more $ 3. To start a world in which you will visit quite modest, the atmosphere is definitely wonderful, but sometimes details are lacking, it is possible and there should be some kind of cunning plan, but still. Even as regards the management, it is simple, but because of its simplicity in some moments may seem very uncomfortable and have long used to.

Goodies Games Unmechanical:

  • unique world and its atmosphere
  • interesting and sometimes very complex tasks
  • funny characters
  • great implementation
  • cool music
  • good graphics

Disadvantages games Unmechanical:

  • sometimes lacks detail
  • Paid game

Conclusion: a very high quality game that is visually a bit like Machinarium, and in the world around The Cave, only to Machinarium game does not reach the atmosphere, and to The cave drawing, but somehow it is recommended to all the generous fans of arcade of puzzles and quests.




3.96★ 79.19%

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2014/10/03 10:34
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