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For the first time this legendary quest appeared in 2002, when it was an incredible breakthrough in this genre and the numerous awards he has received in the same year are proof of that. To some extent, this game is a little deviated from the usual canons of the genre, it is the main emphasis on appearance. The plot is definitely there, but it is different and deep feelings that brought some competitors, but about what you see, you can talk for hours. All images, all design was created by the famous French artist Benoit Sokal, the graphics for that time was simply amazing, a new decade did not have to change it fundamentally. Style of play as well deserves great attention - a rare steampunk, great attention to detail, the mass of figures handmade, excellent portrayal of the characters and landscapes of breathtaking, literally every location is a work of art! We should also pay attention to the soundtrack, which is adapted not only perfect, but in and of itself is an art too!

As before, the idea of ​​the game is to find the items and solving some puzzles and other complex tasks, the complex is a fact, it is sometimes very difficult to relate some of the events, but it only adds to the interest in the process. Also in the game mass dialogues, so the translation into different languages ​​was very important to her, such as the android was first introduced Russian language, so that the fans in the audience clearly increase.

The story:
A girl named Kate sent by ordinary task to sign the contract for the purchase of the old factory, but provides that the owner of her deceased has no heir, the trail is interrupted somewhere in Siberia, where Kate and goes, deciding on a dangerous mission. Total you will visit the four main points, which are divided into a plurality of locations that are worth seeing;)
The plot, at least the first part ends without any explicit finals and intrigue, but promises the next part, which, incidentally, was released two more, so it's a long and very beautiful story!

Goodies Games Siberia:

  • quest of incredible beauty
  • awesome music and scenery
  • an interesting story
  • unforgettable atmosphere of steampunk
  • have a lot to think and to compare the mass of facts
  • rebirth of the classics of the genre!

Disadvantages games Siberia:

  • Paid game, worth about two and a half dollars
  • have little trouble adapting under android, but it is temporary

Conclusion: The developers of BUKA Development, drag the cult quest android did a great job and deserve praise and mass votes from fans. It is hoped that they will correct all the bugs and do not forget about the next part!




4.5★ 89.93%

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2014/10/02 10:37
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