Light in the Dark
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Light in the Dark


Similar puzzle you just met, they are quite simple and fun, all the action takes place on one screen, and from level to level is becoming increasingly difficult, something like the last time was with the aircraft to be able to start laying the tiles from the battery, everything is a bit different but for some reason the process immediately revive memories.
You have to play for the creatures ... as the storyline of attention in this game are not paid, then the answer to the question of who and why it does not, it's just creatures that do not look like someone famous and live in the catacombs of the pyramids in Egypt. .. overall it's complicated :)

Creatures living standard composition - a few adults and several children, and so the children ran away, lost in the catacombs and you go to look for them. You can find them illuminating the space where they are, the light source - your heroes. As needed zakovyrka, in addition to the fact that you need to find the child will need to shine on the stars, the more light the better, the number of children increases, the number of adults, too, will counter that the child needed to shine blue light blue, and so on, whole will be something to do and something to smash his head.

Made the game is pretty high quality, no-frills, but without some moments that can be hard to find fault, but there is one drawback - the game of charge and costs about two dollars ... and that's not all! The game has a purchase that could cost between $ 1 to $ 15 in addition to the cost of the game. And what's the point?

Pluses of the game Light in the Dark:

  • simple and straightforward game that can be a long time to develop
  • interesting and unusual gameplay
  • a great opportunity to work his head
  • nearly a hundred levels and hundreds more in the coming quarter updates
  • three dozen achievements
  • You can show off in social networks
  • there are tips on challenging levels

Cons Game Light in the Dark:

  • and it is not clear where did these prices
  • In principle there is no plot
  • Graphics could be better
  • anyway, the game is somewhat similar to

Conclusion: puzzle on android is not such a rare genre, moreover, a genre oversaturated huge number of free and exciting games that will allow you to break your brain completely, as they say. Therefore make sense to pay two dollars and then another 15 dollars to play it ... I do not know, 100 to 500 people had already done so ... what do you think, will be over in 1000?))


Light in the Dark


4.71★ 94.1%

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2014/09/23 10:15
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