Rise of Bugs
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Once upon a time there was such a movie - Starship Troopers, the protagonists of which landed on the planet and were fierce battles with the local population - beetles and similar creatures, there is something similar, only have to defend their means not command soldiers and one gun, which, Fortunately, it is possible to upgrade in every way. The action takes place somewhere on a distant planet, you have decided to colonize, thereby disturb the local fauna, which has decided to give you back.
Wave after wave of you will attack insects, each time becoming more and more powerful, faster and increasing their numbers, but for each dead you will receive a bonus to spend on improvements, so that your arms will match for the attackers. In general, the standard, as in the other games of the genre TD, which for android and other platforms a huge amount. But this game has an important difference - it paid :)

The cost of this game is one dollar, it's not much, but a lot of the competition can be obtained for free, so you have to look for what this game is better than the other.

Pluses of the game Rise of Bugs:

  • good graphics (not the acme of perfection, but a solid four)
  • two dozen different enemies
  • four types of defensive towers
  • the ability to upgrade
  • Several different scenarios, each with its own check-in
  • good design and smooth animation
  • the developers promise a lot of updates in the future

Cons of the game Rise of Bugs:

  • issue price - $ 1
  • there is no button "shoot" because shooting is automatically, you have to just move your finger across the screen ... boring!

Conclusion: The game is good, but does not have any characteristics stand out from the competition, so make sense to pay for it at the moment, if only to release a lot of updates and the amount of the game will increase significantly.


Rise of Bugs

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2014/09/18 10:05
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