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I have to say that the game is paid, and is not cheap, its price is almost four dollars, but it can be seen immediately, appearance, as they say, speaks for itself. At this price a lot of good and interesting games, including puzzle games like occupy a separate niche in which developers especially diligent and always ready to surprise you with something new. In this case, you can wonder many points, I propose to analyze them sequentially.

Graphics and design.
And then it immediately becomes clear that the game is paid, the schedule here is fantastic. And this is not something like a movie or as close as possible to reality, it's just an animation glazed which is very interesting, well thought out and enjoyable. Besides, it is a full 3D, high quality and fascinating. As for the design, then there is your brain just explode. Most of the landscape was a strange, surreal, and something vaguely reminiscent of the work of Salvador Dali, in general, for an amateur, but not to evaluate such a move is not possible, so I have to take my hat off to the designers, like extremely rare.

The story and gameplay.
The plot, in spite of the crazy design is quite simple - you will be in the hereafter human dreams and your task is to help get him to the bed, the man is clearly suffering from sleepwalking. His way and showed the following on each platform it is ready to fall off the edge to start the way at first, but you can guide him on the right path protecting against the danger of an apple ... yes yes, an apple, a large green apple, which should bring the dog with a human face 0_o ...

They are present here, too, unfortunately. They are at the same time to manage, cope with that is extremely difficult, so if you can not get used to it, then the game will show you something awful and unworthy of your attention, this is apart from the price, perhaps the only significant disadvantage.

Pros and features of the game Back to Bed:

  • incredible and fantastic surreal world
  • honor and respect the designers came up with this
  • cool soundtrack
  • interesting and challenging tasks
  • unique isometric levels
  • game has won a huge number of nominations
  • leaves a lot of positive impressions

Disadvantages Game Back to Bed:

  • game fee (about $ 4)
  • terrible management

Bottom line: if it were not for the problem with running the game would be just super, even for the money, because such things are more expensive, but given the current situation, I can not recommend you to pay four dollars and suffer because of management, so look forward to when they will make .


Back to Bed


3.63★ 72.52%

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2014/09/15 10:48
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