Nobody would have thought that the hydrating pizza can be fun, but the developers of ProjectorGames tried and made a game in which even the courier to be interesting. By the way at the moment is their only game for the android that they released, but it immediately became applicable. Is not so expensive - a little more than a dollar, but one way or another, usually for money and the demand with a very different game, I suggest checking out.

The game has a bright and lush graphics of good quality, it catches the eye. And the city is done in a 3D view with a primary on, by something similar to GTA 2, which is also good. Just GTA here reminds of the fact that a great city, and no card, but there are arrows that point you where to go, so do not get lost. The idea is simple - hydrating pizza, and one of the advantages of the game is also the fact that the developers were attentive to detail and have thought a lot, such as the fact that the pizza you must first load, then the fact that the machine on which you will be impassable pizza can result in petrol and even the rules Traffic here is better to observe, or to avoid an accident will be very difficult. Just nice to get and the city, detailed and living their lives, very interesting.

Gameplay: carry pizza will be on three different cars - the first, which is slow and poorly managed, the second - the truck, it's a little better, it will give you when you razvezet 100 pizzas, and the third - cool sports car, her hand drove 1,000 miles. Of the dangers - which can result in petrol and deactivate you, accident investigation rules or your sluggishness.

Goodies Games PizzaBoy!

  • beautiful graphics
  • interesting and thoughtful gameplay
  • considerable attention to detail
  • tightening process

Cons games PizzaBoy!

  • Paid game
  • no other occupation except hydrating pizza
  • management is not very convenient, but you can get used

Conclusion: a good game that is worth the money, especially recommended for those that love to travel around the city with a purpose.




4.34★ 86.74%

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2014/09/05 11:12
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