RIO 2 Sky Soccer!
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RIO 2 Sky Soccer!


In this game of football matches shlestnutsya macaws, one red, one blue - so you can distinguish between the team! As is well known, Rio - is in Brazil, and Brazil are literally living in football, what to say, even if parrots satisfied with this championship. Help defeat the pesky blue parrots red to the animal kingdom in their justice was!

Mostly game was created for children, but many adults are sure to find in it something interesting for yourself! It has been developed together with Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, which created the famous cartoon Rio, so that it feels more a virtual continuation of the movie in which you are taking a direct part! Needless to developers do not forget to add a lot of applications for the game that will help you communicate more closely with the characters of the movie, to collect them and entirely distracted from the gameplay when he was bored.
It is also worth noting that the game has a lot of educational elements that will help your children develop and improve their performance in school, at least that is how it is planned;)

Goodies Games RIO 2 Sky Soccer!

  • game will help develop your children and adults will be interesting
  • enjoyable and interesting game play soccer
  • bright and all the familiar characters
  • Beautiful graphics and smooth animation
  • several game modes and lots of add-ons

Cons games RIO 2 Sky Soccer!

  • game fee, for a symbolic sum of one dollar, you can get it, no other expenses you are not required

Conclusion: a good gift for your child especially if he sympathizes with the famous cartoon heroes, besides, this game can be useful for development.


RIO 2 Sky Soccer!


4.44★ 88.7%

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2014/08/30 10:02
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