Eagle Simulator
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Simulations, for the most part, has some complexity in comparison with arcades - it is difficult to steer, it is difficult to configure, it is difficult to take off, it's hard to sit down, it's hard to shoot ... In this case, too, is difficult, but not fly if simplified - it is difficult to live!
At first glance, the developers clearly overdone, because the games are designed to rest and relax, and then actually have to work! But in doing so you are inspired with all the complexities of the life of this wild but very proud bird! Moreover, watching all the problems that you have to face you will understand that the developers have tried very hard making this game, they thought of everything and uniquely prepared, having studied eagles and down! Besides, if you do not forget about the genre in which the game is done, and it will remind - a simulator, the value of such a game is determined by how t it close to reality.

Gameplay: you have to live on the island, the size of which is not so great, so that you can study it in detail. Needless eagle will have certain characteristics, namely: energy supply, health, hunger and thirst. Considering all four of these parameters all the playing time and you only have to look like your own food, water and rest between searches. Difficult to obtain food, it is necessary to learn how to attack the problem with the water, too - the Eagles can not get wet, and you can rest in the nest - there is your home and your castle;)

Pros and game features Eagle Simulator:

  • quite realistic survival, it is very difficult!
  • interesting, one might even say epic battles with prey
  • Gather your flock of eagles and become their leader
  • Grow chicks
  • Suck eagle and their own abilities
  • the game has a complete guide, it helps
  • convenient operation
  • beautiful graphics and good physics
  • in the game there are no purchases, other than buying the game itself ...

Cons Game Eagle Simulator:

  • game is paid, there is a whole one dollar
  • relax, most likely, will not work

Conclusion: Now, if such an approach were doing and other simulators ... do not even think that this game is not worth your dollar is definitely worth it, but would you want after work or school to go to a world where life is even harder?


Eagle Simulator


4.23★ 84.6%

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2014/08/23 10:16
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