Wild Blood
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This game has appeared for a long time - at the end of 2012, and was a little buggy, but that was long ago and not true, but today the situation is somewhat different. Today is a very popular online, and not just a game in the genre of RPG, which will require from your android a lot of resources and a lot of you personally finance. This is a big problem of modern producers and Gameloft in particular, because the pay for the game - it is one thing, it's right, and pays for the work of developers, in this case, a little less than $ 3, but the game will ask for money from you again and again, Donat here, to put it mildly, cruel! At the same time spend less than 30 dollars for Donat no sense at all, in fact, enough of this infusion is not for a long period. As a result, the question arises in the rationality of the original purchase and play Wild Blood as a whole, but somehow, almost half a million people have downloaded the game and continue to play an active, consider the fact that they caught on.

To begin, it is worth noting the fact that the game was created, though a relatively long time, but on the engine, Unreal Engine, and this as well as the reason for demanding games and what makes it a very steep as the graphics and capability. And developers Gameloft implemented fully all the features of this engine, thanks to this game full of epic battles in the style of the Middle Ages.
The plot decided to adhere to the times when the world famous Sir Lancelot, King Arthur and other historical figures of the time. That's only in this historical similarities end, because they were open vraa to hell, where, as usual, threw a huge number of the undead, monsters, and other bodies that need to be destroyed.

Pluses of the game Wild Blood:

  • incredible graphics, even a half later, she's still cool
  • unforgettable effects
  • a lot of interesting characters
  • 10 long levels with the heroes of the Round Table
  • dozens of enemies and terrible bosses
  • a lot of different weapons
  • many interesting and challenging puzzles
  • beautiful scenery
  • is an online game and team battles

Cons of the game Wild Blood:

  • Paid game
  • paying for the game will be difficult if you do not pay for the gain

Conclusion: good but greedy game, but as a whole, determines the decision is usually taken only for finance because of other reasons not to play in the Wild Blood, I can not see.


Wild Blood

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4.37★ 87.48%

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2014/08/21 11:36
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