Zombie Supply Trader
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On the topic of zombie apocalypse and the virus has infected the entire world was created by a huge number of movies, games and other merchandise, with full confidence we can say that the genre has exhausted itself, provided that there were real and scary movies and thrillers and adventure and comedy series and all that anything else. But the developers of DreamTapp still managed to come up with something new in the background bored zombies! And the theme they have chosen a rather unexpected - trade!

What can be said about the trade in the days of the zombie apocalypse? Needless exchanges do not work, but canned food, water, medical supplies and ammunition go faster than hot cakes! You play the role of the merchant who travels from town to town and sells the people all of the essentials. It is safe to call this game a strategy, but it was pretty boring if it were not ...

Here you will not only have to trade! Would be to deal with the zombies as travel, fight them, to decide what to buy and what to leave, and your every decision must be weighed carefully, it will directly affect how long you can survive in this horrible world. So that we get an interesting strategy to trade, zombies and a nonlinear storyline;)

Pluses of the game Zombie Supply Trader:

  • several cities with good graphics, read them!
  • many variants of the story
  • fight not only with zombies, but also with the bandits and marauders
  • the market price always depends on external factors that change
  • listen to the radio - there's always the latest news on new supplies and discounts

Cons Game Zombie Supply Trader:

  • game fee, costs two dollars

Conclusion: It is hard to say why in the world filled with zombies need money and in general trade, but somehow the game is very interesting and atmospheric, highly recommend to buy!


Zombie Supply Trader


4.1★ 82.08%

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2014/08/15 10:15
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