City Cars Racer 3
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Immediately it is worth noting that the game is worth a little more than a dollar, it's not much, but the game no trial or anything like that, so that politics becomes quite simple - or buy and play, or live in the dark. But this review will destroy this situation, especially if that game is clearly not worth buying ...

Despite the fact that this is the third part of the game, the first two parts were also paid, great changes for the better to be seen. Graphics of the world is pleasant enough, but the world is simple, without any details, and others, in general, it is perceived as the Hotel and that background structure. Car models are pretty accurate, but as in the previous parts have some problems, angularity places and problems with color and fine detail. Honestly, the graphics in this game do not glued to modern standards, the feeling that the machine drew talented, but the baby. But there are some pros and games - for example there is external damage, the view from the cockpit (relatively normal) and opponents of a very complex, at least in comparison with the last part, they learned a lot.

Pros and features of the game City Cars Racer 3:

  • in the race you will meet a lot of famous sports car models
  • There are several game modes - with opponents without them
  • computer knows how to ride well
  • there is the view from the cockpit
  • there is damage (visual)
  • have the opportunity to start with a less powerful cars

Cons City Cars Racer Game 3:

  • problems with graphics and car models
  • materially the control and physics obviously would like more
  • many small stocks are very much spoil the picture
  • play is strictly paid

Conclusion: from paid games we used to get something more, even if it costs a little more and the dollar instead of five, but the cost is not as important as the mere fact that the game can be tested only for money, with very high probability that you just throw money in Overall - I do not advise.


City Cars Racer 3

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4.24★ 84.81%

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2014/08/01 10:41
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