Modern Combat 5
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Hello everyone, this is a review Modern Combat 5 Eclipse.

The game continues the tradition of the series and the previous parts. It is the same military simulator and it also raises the bar for the genre of games FPS.

The plot is built of small missions designed specifically for mobile devices, to make you comfortable to play even outside the home.

In addition to the campaign you can try yourself in SWAT missions, a kind of mini-games on the reaction and accuracy.

Modern Combat Eclipse has a grade 4 playable characters: attack, sniper, reconnaissance and heavy infantryman. They are available in both single player and multiplayer.

Multiplayer developers have paid much attention, in addition to the standard game mode available team vs team. So you can gather your friends and speak against players from around the world. An interesting feature is the synchronization experience and weapons. That is, if you have experience, weapons and improvements in the single player campaign, you can easily use them in online battles.

For success in multiplayer you'll receive bonuses, which can be spent on improving your hero or weapons.

In addition, all players will be available to global chat, common to all the players and a separate one for players from your team.

The graphics are gorgeous, real-time shadows, a detailed science physics, lighting effects, particles flying all you see on the stretch of all missions.

Sound also worked out perfectly.

The game has added new elements geymlpeynye: adjustment sniper bullets, scanning the terrain drones help allies and others.

Control are presented in the standard set, the left side of the stick for movement and the right, turning the camera and additional actions.

In addition, you can control the touch gamepadomi Moga mode B.

In the end we got a great shooter 1st person, with stunning graphics and multiplayer elaborated.

Apparent game has cost 229 rubles, Ingame purchase completely absent, yes you heard them not at all.

The only drawback is the requirement of constantly active internet connection, Gameloft explain that because they are struggling with burglary ..

Maybe they are right, but personally I can not always use the internet, play everywhere so I can not walk.

Thanks for watching and see you soon!


Modern Combat 5

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4.21★ 84.2%

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2014/07/26 11:03
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