Star Horizon
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Space has always been for people keeper of secrets and mysteries, even when people began to conquer it became even more questions, so it's no surprise that the space theme is one of the most sought after and popular among science fiction, there are a lot of movies and games that at least some sideways but affect space, but how many of them are able to transfer all his greatness? These, unfortunately, Unit ... which is pretty sad, considering the fact that the games of the space you do not need a simulator or rolls over reality, very few people there and was able to judge this, so the most important factor of success - that looked solid and could like, could completely replace the existing human experience invented new ones, namely those that are here and now. Just such a quality game and has a Star Horizon, because what's not finding fault, but it is fascinating!
So the beauty of the stars was merged into this game, which allows you to become an ordinary soldier whose share will drop too much adventure! So drop the philosophical arguments and just enjoy the beauty during the great battles in space, Suck your ship and destroy dangerous bosses. Also worth noting the game's plot, besides that he is, he is still very interesting and has no definite ending at the beginning, and how that will happen - you decide!

Pluses of the game Star Horizon:

  • graphics incomparable space
  • excellent management, simple and comfortable, nothing more
  • adequate training in the beginning of the game
  • linear plot, your every decision is your decision and it will affect the end of the game
  • many spacecraft
  • mass of achievements for the most stubborn

Cons Game Star Horizon:

  • Paid game, worth about four dollars
  • much rather have bought players complain that her short ... all can be good always ends quickly

Conclusion: another very successful and enjoyable in all respects for the project developers who want to get just a small fee and that this can be confusing?


Star Horizon


4.12★ 82.36%

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2014/07/16 10:35
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