Order & Chaos Online
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Bright and exciting MMORPG for android, in real time and with a fully three-dimensional graphics. Huge fantasy world and hundreds of thousands of players in a multiplayer online game for android waiting for you!
CHOOSE YOUR HERO thanks to advanced system to create and customize your character:
4 competitions, 2 opposing camps: the struggle of humans and elves for the order, orcs, and the immortal for the chaos.
Select your gender, appearance, class and talent for your character. With over 1,000 skills and more than 2,000 items of equipment your adventure not soon come to an end.
Create and play with 4 different characters.
Interacting with the community
You will find your friends and enemies, will trade, compete, chat and more: a huge selection of interactions will help you feel a part of this universe.
Join a group or guild and become stronger, coordinate their activities with friends. You can play alone, but you still have to co-exist with other real players ... peacefully or not.
You will visit the most magical lands - from dark forests to deserts, jungles, mountains, etc. - on foot or by magical means of transportation.
Communicate and interact with hundreds of characters to find and follow more than 500 quests.


Order & Chaos Online

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3.64★ 72.89%

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2011/06/21 21:22
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