The Rivers of Alice
3.8 (14)

The Rivers of Alice


Good quests and paid for your android lot has a gorgeous The Cave, unusual and with more emphasis on details Violett or paradise for lovers of steampunk Machinarium, each of these competitors have their chips and definitely worth the money, would not close them all together?

If we talk about the unusual, the The Rivers of Alice for this category will drive all the corners, the game is very strange! There are some references to Alice in Wonderland, about that here, too, such strange things happen and the action takes place in a dream of a little girl. So, if we consider the strongest competitors, such as plot, incredible atmosphere, cool graphics, a lot of detail and terrible to them care, then there is seemingly all but ignored the music and the plot, which is developing rather sluggishly.

Schedule and it looks like: hard to describe graphics in this game, because it looks like everything is simple but neat drawings, sketches in some moments ... something looks like surrealist paintings, but very little detail, empty horizon, why each element -it is needed, i.e. There is nothing superfluous ... certainly stylish, but somehow not enough. To understand what I mean - look at the screenshots, but once it all becomes clear.

As it sounds: the lyrical melodies Vetusta Morla literally make you play, so that's the trick, respect for the music, it is not discussed.

Plot: A lot of mysteries and all sorts of symbols, which are also pretty well drawn game with characteristic simplicity. Immerse yourself in a fantasy girl who must face their fears that you can win methodically solving various puzzles.

Conclusion: no one said that each new quest should be paid a cut above the competition, this game stands alone and may not like many, so if you decide to buy it, look closely at the video, look at the screenshots, and then, if you decide to - pay 5 $ and have fun. If we compare the game with something else, as it is not the most popular genre in art, most did not understand him, and someone is willing to give up everything.


The Rivers of Alice


3.84★ 76.75%

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2014/07/09 11:32
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