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Generally the article should have been "The truth about Gameforge», but the article is still about the game Animas Online, which became the cause of everything. Gameforge generally do a very good and interesting games, they began in 2003, some years since, I do play one such project called OGame, and like there was a lot in those years and it was insanely cool. Now the way the audience they too hoo, more than 400 million registered users! But there is a problem. Active among them becomes smaller every day. There are many reasons, but the main - browser-based online game is not as popular as the old projects fade because newcomers do not climb there, and frankly tired of fans in general "very bad", but they do not give up! For a start it was decided to deal with the main enemy - mobile applications by infusion into the enemy's camp. Gameforge started making applications for mobile platforms and android in particular. But here they suffered misfortune, because the first attempts were failures frankly, nobody wants to play the sort of games on your mobile browser, it's weird and boring, especially with the current level of competition. It just so happened that I tried out a lot of their games and that's why - action! One of the tricks is that every game has Donat, it really helps to somewhere, somewhere a little help, but it is. But if you do not want to pour real money that can produce benefits in other ways, for example by setting their new game and you hit a certain level, after which issued a special coupon, which can be activated in that game developer you are playing and where you all come in handy . So clever stuff itself Gameforge rating, number of downloads and stuffed frankly simulate attention to their poor games for android. Scarce and it is an understatement, all previous games were very simple, just a poke in everything, something comes to an end, you can either Donati either wait for the game to score a half-day, then start again and poke opa coupon! What happened in the game - hard to say, because they do not cling to nothing at all, in the penultimate event in addition terribly slow, and generally tupilo.

But here's the game came Animas Online, an opportunity to cut the next coupon and saw that this role is a 3D game I prepared for the worst, but I realized that I was wrong!

The game's plot Animas Online: you find yourself in a magical world called Forest, live here all sorts of animals, peace, harmony and all that, but then people sail and begin to spoil everything, so you have no choice but to take one of the charming characters and go shred people. Implemented so that you run on your village, come to the NPC including warehouse, inventory, smith, which produces the lion and other missions, receiving the same mission brings you to another place, where you are fighting a pretty budget, but not worried.

What's good about the game Animas Online:

  • a lot of different characters
  • beautiful fantasy world
  • tolerable 3D graphics
  • fast loading missions, windows and other
  • there are achievements
  • management of all super
  • have training which is annoying, but it is
  • the game is free and without advertising

But there are also negative, with many, who immediately noticed quite difficult:
Start small, to start the game as stated online, but until I met there only bots that are worn on the area and shout «Good day!», it can still be attributed to the fact that the game is not running in full. Next schedule which still lacks detail, but should pay tribute - nothing slows, but still not enough detail. Next. Characteristics in weapons and other things written in a strange, difficult to navigate in them, but you get used to. With inventory also some garbage, it can not be used on missions, it is very small, but the stock, you can store a huge amount of all meaning? And now the most important thing - no donation to the game to play hard, too hard. To start trouble here with the economy, to the price of weapons, armor and even bottles making up for life / mana prices such that there is clearly a zero seems superfluous. But you can get it all if you pay real money! So you get the possibility to explore the surrounding countryside more, the research process is made very stupid - simply fill boot line, but you do not do anything, and the experience of getting money and items. With or given you can get bonus missions as can take bot that as much as 5 levels above you, and therefore will spread all without your intervention. As objectively note that the characters in the whole stupid, do not understand why they do different animals, it immediately begins to look like a child igrulku, as there is no blood, no general, which is also slightly spoils the appearance.

How it looked without investing real money:
My goal was this - pass the first scenario and receive a coupon. The script was a lot of missions, but they pass quickly enough. At first everything was fine, I found some weapon was reserved money selling everything superfluous, had begun to think that can manage an hour - a half, but alas. First financial problems when I felt the last missions was forced to buy potions restore life, as in a pair with me playing purely bots instead of real players and opponents all churned me because bot forever tupil rear. Describe it is, on average, for the mission I was getting 300-400 gold set of three jars of the same fully restore health costs 900 coins. 2-3 such sets and all your savings disappear. Then I felt something that I had a bad armor and weapons, I began to stand. I had to save money by passing several times simple mission, and I was saving kits, armor I'd been saving week :) And so, after several failures and stupid stupid swinging on missions I was able to pump his hero, acquire weapons and armor more powerful and more expensive purchasing kits and finally passed the final mission, received a coupon and even decided to play a little more, what an incredible breakthrough for Gameforge, before this happened I did not, I tried to remove the last of the game as quickly as possible. But the first level of the second episode immediately gave me to understand that the developer wants me to, and they want money! Just as long as I circulated a decent character and it was just the first level, but I was smashed to smithereens, I do not got to the boss, so I came to the conclusion that no further donation game turn into a terrible hassle.

Summarizing all the above written: Gameforge lads no matter what, did a good game, finally. I even recommend you to play it, but do not expect to go beyond the first episode, because it will have to spend more money, and this really is not worth Animas Online. Dear developers! Remove Donath and correct price with the NPC, I forgive you and come back, catch up with other people too, but this will never happen under the current scenario, free coupons help matters here is not enough to simulate!


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