Fantasy RPG World Online
4.2 (97)
Fantasy RPG World Online


Trend back to basics increasingly traced in modern development on the one hand it is right, but on the other hand, if everyone will do it, and soon will return to nothing ... Anyway, this game is made in a classic style graphics - bright and clear, very nice, but she painted, very well drawn, almost cartoon. But like any other self-respecting RPG you will find a huge world that you can explore for months, and since the action takes place in medieval times, then you will be magic, swords, bows and many enemies, monsters and other creatures that lived in those years. Difficult to say that something in this game, no, there is exactly one standard set more than enough, although it may sometimes want a little more ...

Also worth noting several important features of this game. In particular she paid and costs $ 1. Not to say that it is not worth the money, especially when you consider that the amount of funny. But we get the supported project and a buffer that allows you to filter out some of those who install the game for 5 minutes. Just like a real RPG, this game is played online, so here you can meet your friends or find new ones.

Features and positive sides of the game Fantasy RPG World Online:

  • Create teams with their friends, it will increase profits
  • when you hit the maximum level only game begin!
  • there are steep PvP battles, all of which prove standing
  • the game has a special area where you can communicate with the players
  • huge number of quests and hundreds of story missions
  • Collect raids on steep bosses
  • unhook their own territory and develop it, build defenses and do not let the enemy capture it
  • Suck his character and his equipment

Disadvantages Game Fantasy RPG World Online:

  • a lot of complaints about inconvenient administration and indeed it
  • as the game online, need constant access to the Internet

Conclusion: a great game that is worth your buck, the main thing that kept online and developers have not abandoned, then many people will find another world where you can relax!


Fantasy RPG World Online


4.17★ 83.44%

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2014/07/01 11:58
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