Transport Empire
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Transport Empire


Transport Tycoon was a pioneer of the genre, subgenre rather because economic policies have appeared long ago, but thanks to Chris Soeyru transport began to allocate separately, of which dominated and Transport Tycoon, it was twenty years ago ... Since then, much has changed, it created a lot of clones, many peers and even the continuation of open source and all sorts of upgrades from fans, but it's time to retire?
Today, a great developer named GIGL (natives, My Country, Crime Story and other masterpieces) has decided to remake the economic strategy of transport and create it on android, lay the basis for a game Transport Empire.

The plot of the game: you will fall in Victorian times, your character - a young businessman, all the way open to him, that's just nowhere to go because the transport problem, and exactly what you decide to do! The land needs a lot of railways, airports and enterprises for air. The game neatly and unobtrusively glued steampunk style, which makes it just gorgeous! So, run trains, ships submit, build factories, dig mines, solve problems of local residents, do not forget the road and air links.

What we liked in the game Transport Empire:

  • excellent graphics, Freaky detail
  • no hard slope transport, hi factories and cities, now they can build
  • the game has a lot of stories from the built-in characters
  • the game is not cheated plot, there you wait for the competition and conspiracies and treasure research distant lands and more
  • and, you can download the game for free!

What is not liked in the game Transport Empire:

  • if your screen is less than 5-6 inches, will play hard
  • want to achieve good results? - Work! Complicated game with proper approach, very difficult ...

Conclusion: The perfect replacement veteran of the genre, thanks to the great ancestor of the developers knew what the audience wants and how to make the game better, so it's impossible not to recommend it. Fun gameplay and impeccable style in which the game will be made on your long hours of happiness!

Attention! The game contains a cache path: sdcard / Android / obb


Transport Empire


3.33★ 66.63%

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2014/07/01 10:46
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