Castle of Illusion
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Game by Disney knows almost every owner of an android alone adventure crocodile Swamp then stand there as Toy Story, searches Empires, Nemo and other celebrities. But earlier this summer, Disney decided to push on the gaming arena legend - game Castle of Illusion.

History: This is one of the first games Mickey Mouse, which was published through Sega in 1990. So incredible adventure in the castle witch Mizrabel repeated and this time! The plot of change did not, why spoil the classics?

Plot: The classic story - Mickey Mouse kidnapped girlfriend, everyone knows that her name is Minnie? Kidnapped her wicked witch Mizrabel and imprisoned in his castle. So you have to get into the castle, find Minnie and defeat the witch, itself in the style of Disney!

Graphics and gameplay this time: the legend began to revive not pixel plantation left only the plot and title graphics and the gameplay is completely changed. And that's good. Because now you will not be playing in the pixel 2D platformer, and immerse yourself in a huge 3D world, beautiful, very beautiful, polished, I'd say. Physics, motion, everything is perfect, you're actually playing in a cartoon. All the story inserts also are beautiful sketches of voiceovers and say no, it's aerobatics and then nothing to complain about.

Pluses of the game Castle of Illusion:

  • story - the story
  • Graphics - voice
  • Mechanics - Management
  • yes almost all
  • this is a case where even adults will be a pleasure to play, despite the lower limit on age

Cons of the game Castle of Illusion:

  • he is only one and it's 10 bucks that you have to pay to download this game with Google Play ... not cheap, but I repeat, a good game should be worth the money, in this case pays every cent.

Conclusion: there is a $ 10 - do not regret and download, if no - you know what to do ;) Play you should in any case - that's the only truth!


Castle of Illusion

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3.78★ 75.52%

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2014/06/24 11:36
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