TOI: Fallen Knight
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Immediately it should say a few words about what is a classical RPG quest, maybe someone remembers books with games where you throw the dice and read the results on pages Mota - that classic, there is not a whole book, but differs from it quite a bit. All the action game is based on a simple animation of successive images and a lot of text to this you should be prepared, especially if you consider the fact that you can play only pay 5 dollars!

The plot of the game: your character - noble Elric, who was accused of murder and sentenced to terrible punishment, but with the outcome you do not agree, so run out of their native lands and go on a journey through the kingdom of Illyria. But not everything is so simple, you hunted the killer is hiding around every corner, but you also have allies there. The main goal - to gather an army of allies, with which you can either get justice or to atone or to seize power have no one to blame you. Your journey will consist of hundreds of situations in which you can always decide what to do and what not to do, the story of the game will change accordingly.

Features TOI: Fallen Knight

  • developer promises more days of gameplay and a lot of new content
  • you will find seven hundred meetings
  • it is possible to choose the kind of battle - turn-based tactics, or in real time
  • six kingdoms and more than four dozen villages
  • many monsters, shops and equipment
  • soundtrack contains more than seven dozen tracks

Pluses of the game TOI: Fallen Knight

  • very interesting game
  • in the game you will find a nice measured pace and a lot of beautiful scenery
  • tricky plot, which varies depending on your every action
  • the game is not very demanding on the performance of your android

Cons games TOI: Fallen Knight

  • text a lot, it's hard to call it a disadvantage, but someone does not like to read
  • animation and graphics as a whole is very simple, too simple, despite the fact that there is more and do not need someone always wants more
  • game fee ($ 5)

The main disadvantage: who read carefully or have already watched the trailer could not understand that there's a lot of text, a lot, but it is logical question arises - what about translation? A trouble with the translation, the native language of the game - English, any other will be with jambs and some moments in the game would be difficult to understand, but they are in fact the whole point!

Conclusion: If you like classic role-playing games and you know English well - the game will be for you pleasure and do not even think to pity five dollars, if not - think carefully before buying.


TOI: Fallen Knight


3.65★ 73.08%

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2014/06/20 12:35
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