Space Cake
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In fact, we have two highly similar games - Space Cake and Space Shooter Ultimate, a review of which you can read a little earlier today. There are other similar, but the most recent in the genre and have a lot of positive feedback. The main difference that immediately jumps out at you - the cost, in the case of the previous game, it was $ 0, and in the case of the Space Cake something around $ 0.99, which is small, but if sense to pay anything at all for playing the same genre ?

Features Space Cake:

  • game features a fast gameplay and allows joystick control
  • ten coolest soundtracks from 65 FX
  • 15 types of enemy, as well as asteroids and UFOs
  • 20 types of weapons
  • 11 worlds and endless battle one option
  • opportunity to change the interface as you are comfortable
  • integration of your achievements on Facebook
  • global achievement system

What is the difference and what better game Space Cake:

  • the first thing that caught my eye - there is a story which no interface is much nicer, and the menu is clear and simple beautiful
  • then the game has much better graphics than Space Shooter Ultimate and if there is a strict 2D, 2D then there is modern, sleek and beautiful
  • game really nimble and thus prolong the better
  • music at times steeper
  • more weapons and armor
  • as a brief summary - the game is much more interesting, dynamic and pleasant to look at

Conclusion: The answer to the question whether or not this game is 99 cents - definitely YES! Free game itself will always remain free, but every cent in this case worked out, and the glory, it is not the case when a developer just decided to get easy money, then they more than deserved!


Space Cake


3.86★ 77.19%

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2014/06/14 12:31
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