Heroes and Castles
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Game Heroes and Castles is actually very interesting, and you can tell, unique in its kind. Here almost everyone will find something to do, because it combines the classic and the strategy and RPG and great battles and even contains elements of defense. How did you manage to cross all these popular genres? It's very simple!
You will play a brave knight who stands up for his castle at the crucial moment when the State devastation, and the walls suited army of enemies. And all implemented so that your shoulders rests not only doing castle defense strategy, not just a select form an army to fight the invaders, but also to take the sword in his hands and out of the gate of the castle to soak a couple of hundred monsters! Ie you rock hero, making it stronger and steeper rebuild the castle, making it impregnable, soak your enemies directly involved in the process, control the army ... and this is one game!

Features Heroes and Castles:

  • Three types of characters for which you can play - a knight, paladin, engineer
  • offers not only the battle, but the runes and magic
  • undead, ghouls, goblins, trolls, catapults, skeletons and many other enemies
  • Gnomes, archers, mages, spearmen and your other colleagues

What we liked in the game Heroes and Castles:

  • game is definitely fun and entertaining, then a lot of cases and opportunities
  • as a large number of enemies and allied forces
  • many opportunities leveling your character and skills
  • a large range of fortifications
  • good graphics and mechanics battles

What's not to like about the game:

  • game was already on iOS, year and a half ago ...
  • it costs 2 bucks!
  • There are many complaints about the poor optimization and incompatibility, so that there is little chance that your two dollars will be wasted
  • because of the huge number of opportunities and a bunch of windows is not the simple operation
  • no multiplayer, but the developers promise to do ...

Conclusion: definitely worth playing for that can and should give two dollars, you can replay it endlessly, each time finding something new and interesting, so if you find yourself among the majority who have no problems with the game - you will like it, it's 100 %! The most important thing to do not forget about the game developers to update and add new features, the same multiplayer ... but I think it depends on the amount people pay buyout dare these fatal $ 2 ;)


Heroes and Castles


4.17★ 83.47%

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2014/06/09 11:42
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