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From the name, you can immediately understand that this is the eighth part of the game, what many of you have not seen the previous seven, which is quite logical. As already mentioned, this JRPG, that actually the same RPG, only Japanese. Such games as well as many other products from Japan do not often get out to the world stage at the same android got this game for the first time. Previously, it was produced on the PC and consoles, and today the number of copies sold already approached five million, which is a lot for such a product.
Classics of the genre RPG, which has received an original Japanese charm and interesting graphics, interesting because it painted the same person who is the creator of comics and cartoons Dragon Ballz, I can only say that the schedule here for everybody. Today there are many games similar genre better graphics, but also in such graphics have their advantages, such as performance, ensuring no problems with a large gathering of heroes or monsters.
Describe the plot makes no sense, this is the case when you can write a book, because it's huge, it was a huge 3D world full of legends, stories and characters, each of which has its own destiny, it's all intertwined in a complex and lengthy narrative, much more interesting to be given game time and understand everything yourself.


  • creators were able to implement a simple and convenient operation, not just what to do
  • Terminations battle in which you will have many opportunities
  • beautiful scenery and a huge world full of interesting jobs and opportunities
  • classical system of leveling
  • great variety of monsters and interesting habits of each
  • alchemy, which will allow you to engage in crafting
  • and yet there is a casino ;)
  • paying one time, you will not spend a penny

But not everything is as good as it might seem.
Negative points in the game DRAGON QUEST VIII:

  • to start - price! Game on the Market worth almost $ 30! not sure that there are many willing
  • graphics, as has been said, it is a kind, only for those who are "in the subject line"
  • whether it is necessary to dive into this vast world with android?

Conclusion: On the one hand we have the legendary and quality product, ready to swallow you up and transfer to a different reality at least a decade, but only need it for you? Are you willing to pay good money for a game for your mobile phone or tablet?




3.83★ 76.51%

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2014/06/07 11:30
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