Worms is a legend, the game was released in all there is to play, starting with computers, consoles, and finally ending with a mobile app! The release of this game for android puzzled developer Team 17 Digital Limited, which has already released last part - Worms 2: Armageddon, so that developments there, where to go long understood that means quality and great courage passed that the game can cause almost everyone!
Changes in the game is not so much because since the first part she enjoyed great success, so it was decided not to change anything much.
You'll see all the same warring clans worms that destroy each other on a variety of levels, with exactly them to the ground, literally! Arsenal which you can smash everything to smithereens got a little wider, and now you will have a lot more options for the extermination of the enemy! Show your skills in this not a simple matter and earn all the achievements, and a great many of them are here, most of them with humor or something seems impossible, but in this game everything is possible!
This part of the game is not lost the ability to fight other players online, so train yourself, and then go out into the world arena where you expect the most skilled players, gradually move from the previous parts of the game.

Pros and features of the game Worms 3:

  • four new themes levels
  • improved graphics and smoother menu
  • have a choice of control options
  • few new weapons
  • weight settings for the uniqueness of your team
  • Regular Season for everyone

Disadvantages of Worms 3:

  • game unfortunately paid, and it is worth it as the previous version around 5 dollars
  • have something innovative that would like to see from the new part
  • internal mass content is available for the same money
  • it is worth considering whether it makes sense to buy a third part, if, for example, has already bought a second, while the number of positive emotions will be the same?


Worms 3


3.98★ 79.51%

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2014/06/04 10:28
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