Fascinating story this game comes down to the world of insects, among which there is one bug that has always dreamed of flying, she even has a pilot's helmet evil ;) But fate decided otherwise, because this bug - centipede. Centipedes can not fly, that's the trouble, but our hero has decided not to stop, because the birds fly in its beak does not suit him, if you can help him achieve his dream and take to the air?
Chance to climb into the air came when one of the nearby flight schools announced the recruitment for pilot training, do not miss this unique opportunity! Paw feet and run! Here are just a lot of paws, but it will only hasten you! But there is a problem - the path to the school routed through a complex maze to cross it will be faced with different obstacles, constraints and objectives, deciding which you will need to strain their considerably gyrus. The main thing - remember the goal and not lose direction because the curves of the maze can be very treacherous. Towards the goal you will find almost one hundred levels, a large number of bonuses that will enable you to cope with difficulties. So you meet a lot of mini-games, playing in which you can grow and develop together with the main character! By the way the gameplay resembles the classical snake game, only with a plot and a whole lot more interesting!

Features Millie:

  • you have to think at every level!
  • visited three different conditions
  • a great variety of bonuses with interesting properties
  • increasing levels of complexity is not linear, so the hardest part may be in unexpected places
  • game even into your consciousness and will delay for a long time ...




3.52★ 70.35%

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2014/05/02 12:08
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