In such games, developers have long ceased to invent something new, and it's even good, because as everyone got used to the genre classics like Diablo and similar games, so wean and do not want. Yes, in every such game has its small chips, especially of course his unique set of skills and equipment, as well as a whole ... take the hero, go to locations and kill monsters, collect loot, pumps skills, upgrading weapons and armor, and you want? All right, in principle, that's just find him willing to pay for it? If there are - read on!

Plot as the gameplay here is also not possess originality - the world darkness fell, around ruin and death, people are dying and living in fear, itself can be remedied, but need a hero for you and will play. But if you do not pay attention to the global storyline, your adventure will be built very interesting, and you will tighten properly, it is a fact. What's funny, you can play multiplayer with friends (pass the levels together), this mode supports up to seven people. At the levels you will find a huge number of weapons and other belongings, which modelki carefully copied from medieval samples, so in that sense there's paradise. Also, you will find a huge number of monsters, but without them, and the game would not exist, so it is okay. As for graphics, it is for android very decent, sometimes even too decent, generally playing in awhile Iesabel quickly understood what you paid a little more than six dollars.
Locations also picked up here for the glory, though nothing new came up again, so do not drown in the marshy swamps, do not get lost in the dungeons, not words sunstroke in the desert, not podskolznites glaciers, gather mushrooms in the forest, beware of caves and enjoy Noire ancient ruins. The game has three difficulty levels and a problem that is affecting a lot lately ... claimed it passes the "from" and "to" 25 hours. If you play for an hour a day, even for a month stretch will not work. Like and not so little, but on the other hand could be a little more to do, but here is an amateur.

As for the technical side, it is all logical. The game is powerful, with excellent graphics and a profusion of what is happening on the screen, so that the demand from your android it will respectively. So no need to put on a dead Iesabel tablet and then whine that all lag, be realistic!

Features Iesabel:

  • game cross-platform, so you can play with your friends even if they do not have an android
  • multiplayer holds up to eight people (you + 7 more)
  • very beautiful graphics, literally a new standard
  • opportunity to develop different battle tactics
  • thousands of items of equipment
  • All equipment is of three types (regular, unique and epic)
  • zamorochennye quests
  • tough, really tough bosses
  • interesting secondary storylines
  • many third-party training, for those who are bored ;)




3.96★ 79.26%

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2014/05/01 10:34
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