XCOM ®: Enemy Unknown
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XCOM ®: Enemy Unknown


First game appeared in 1993 and was produced under MS-DOS, two years later appeared on the first-generation PlayStation and even then it created a furor. But in those days it was not so difficult. Then turn-based strategy, which it was, and were very popular, which together with the extraordinary story and an interesting realization she quickly found its fan and would not let them all the next ten years ... But today, when you can play it all than have only come it does not look like something unusual and interesting, no doubt, after so many years of evolution is the highest quality product that is worth the money, but the hype is not the same. And when you consider that just this part of the game appeared in 2012, it is natural that the first thing she appeared on the PC and consoles, and only two years left on android ... surely there are those who have not played it if so wanted? However, if you consider its price on the Market, it is designed exclusively for the fans, so if you do not know how to live without this game and always dreamed chopped it on a tablet or phone on the way somewhere, then link to purchase at the end of the article !

The game's plot:
The planet is in danger, but the enemy operates out of the shadows, so to identify it explicitly nobody can (hence the name) to sleep soundly all governments to unite and decide to create a special organization that will consist of an elite soldier and can repel any enemy, including newcomers. You, as commander, will deal with commonplace - deploy base, capture enemy technologies which never saw the light, examine them and pump his soldiers, and again and again and again. On the whole drive in the plot, a good old XCOM ;)

Features XCOM ®: Enemy Unknown:

  • Manage a team of super-soldiers
  • immerse yourself in the world of technology incognizant
  • in addition to the plot, you can play random missions
  • Demonstrate your strategic skills in combat
  • very successfully implemented management designed specifically for touch screens


XCOM ®: Enemy Unknown


4.13★ 82.55%

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2014/04/29 14:31
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