The main feature of this game is very interesting style, which is called "rat hole", ie you live in a great world, but it will seem huge just for you because you will be the size just with the mouse on the one hand you will be surrounded by everyday objects, which in fact are nothing special, but on the other hand you have never looked on them so as you can see here! The second main feature of the game is the magnitude and extent to which the developers have seen and realized a remarkable story, the scope of which they took up the details of virtually every speck of dust and scale of the storyline, which here runs everywhere, no worse than in the epic sequel!

Also, this game is obviously make you think your head, because it is full of mysteries, and it is very addictive, literally with his head! A world that will allow you to surround your imagination fly far and long, so do not even think about what to ignore this masterpiece.

The game's plot will twirl around a girl named Violet, who got a situation familiar to many today. Parents summer took her from a cozy apartment in the city and brought to the village where all the tediously boring and all, but who knows;)
On one of those boring evenings girl notices a strange flicker in the mouse hole, came to see him as she finds herself embroiled in the most incredible adventure of a lifetime!

Features Violett:

  • an unforgettable adventure in a world full of fantastic situations and objects
  • A lot of secrets and mysteries
  • unmatched atmosphere that will take you as far away from reality
  • danger from the evil spider, you will feel his eyes!
  • a unique opportunity to change the world around
  • great graphics, which drew manually
  • game based on the famous Alice in Wonderland and the like




4.49★ 89.76%

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2014/04/29 12:09
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