Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition
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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition


For those who have no clue, Baldur's Gate is the famous shooter which tells about events in a dark fantasy world of Forgotten Realms, the whole story is based on the books, board games and has a very rich roots, at least with the plot here never had problems. To some extent, this game has become an icon for many lovers nuarny gameplay in dark dungeons and scary ruins. First game appeared in 1998 and since then has visited not only on PCs but also on consoles, finally reached and mobile platforms. The game's plot tells about the times when all the gods are dead, and their place was taken by an ordinary man who imagines himself a successor. But the dead gods assumed such an outcome and left among mere mortals and their successors who have to restore justice. For one of them you have to play, constantly fighting for their lives and the opportunity to ascend to the throne by right.

With regard to the new part of Enhanced Edition it is designated as the darkest dawn of all that you have seen, darkness descended on the world and without your hero then can not do! Not on their own, you will be drawn into the conflict which for many years and once again the choice is simple - either perish or to overthrow all the enemies! Weight of mystery and intrigue awaits you, sinister truth and opportunity to express themselves - are the main components of the plot of this game.

Features Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition:

  • fabulous location and the opportunity to explore the famous tower Durlag
  • you will be taken into captivity, and will try to escape from the pit of evil
  • will meet a lot of adventurers who are willing to help you as well as to destroy
  • gorgeous and otherwise modified interface
  • huge number of improvements
  • get ready for endless killings and mutilations have become the norm in this horrible world


Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

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