The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Hi all my friends!

Today we look at the new Spider-Man game High Voltage. Developer, as you may have dogodalsya, speaks French studio Gameloft.

The game is made in the style of action, and the plot is represented by the eponymous film, which will premiere on April 24 in all theaters of the country.

As in the first part, we propose to feel as Pitera Parker, hiding his face behind a mask spider man. The main objective remains the same - the safety of New Yorkers.

Well, now for the features of the game and understand what's what.

Location presented fully open world, which you can freely move and interact with objects. For example on the streets pickpockets often work, which can be stopped only by you and your abilities.

Gameplay is very dynamic - you have to climb the buildings of Manhattan, flit from one to another using the web, jump over cars during rush hour, and of course the fight with the boss, the head of which stands the most formidable villain - Electro.

In the battle, you can use several tactics of fighting, melee or ranged. In melee you will be available many blows and combos, which by the way, can be improved for Ingame currency. Ranged can be carried over long distances and still use their webs for fast movement, or treatment of criminals. In general, the battle animation looks beautiful and blur effects in fast movements do cause delight.

Since I started talking about the effects, talk a little about graphics and sound component. Preview worked out very effectively, since the costume hero who has a highly-detailed shadows and maximum image detail and finishing with a portrayal of people and facilities in the city. Soundtrack done perfectly, as befits a company.

The game map is available events where you can view and immediately go to a specific mission or task. For each traversed the successfully completed mission or fight you gain bonuses in the form of coins, with a network of cartridges and accessories.

Skills can also be improved for bonuses, or to perform special tasks for learning new techniques.

Gameloft also offer us the main character customization, the store will be available a few costumes.

As for management, it is presented in the standard set in the lower left corner is a stick for movement, right of the button to perform a variety of actions and turn the camera.

Well let subspecies totals.

Gameloft studio in conjunction with Marvel failed for the second time to move the New Spider-Man on mobile devices, the game definitely deserves your attention, and so I recommend everyone to buy it in the store Google Play.

On this I have everything.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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2014/04/23 17:06
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