The game was able to combine a full-fledged operation of the spacecraft, ie actually it is a simulator, simulator only ship of fiction, but it is not so important, and the second part of the game - all sorts of adventures in which even has a bit of genre RPG! This crazy combination is not common, so I recommend everyone to try it, it will be interesting ;)

Buried a story you into the distant future, the thirty-seventh century, to be precise, such as where you just need! Your character does not correspond as captain because he adventurer, a little strange, but you do not have the courage to do it, so that it compensates for all. Plunged in this world you have to understand the local politics, to participate in its intrigues, as well as in the confrontation corporations, in addition to find and study the ancient creatures that have very dangerous skill - to extinguish the stars ...

Features Varpshtorm:

  • in a game built the random events, so you will always have something to do with the probability of repetition tends to zero ... every player will do something and its unique
  • you can watch your ship both inside and outside during the battle
  • manage each of his subordinates, but do not forget to raise their qualification ;)
  • you will have a wide variety of characters from the three races, you will find four more as the game progresses
  • huge arsenal for fighting will allow you to always find something new
  • and of course a tremendous selection of spaceships! Pick your ;)

Attention! The game contains a cache path: sdcard / Android / obb




4.15★ 83.08%

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2014/03/25 11:38
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