Natives and Castles
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Natives and Castles


The game is described as a fun science experiment, the results of which you find yourself in a completely different world, which is fundamentally different from ours. If our world is ruled by the laws of physics, the world is ruled by magic, dragons flying in the sky, which is called here "Dragos" and the forests full of strange creatures called "zloboroten" that apparently the equivalent of our mythical werewolf. But you will be assisted by two other of the last part - unnamed professor and beauty named Aurora, because the prince named Eric needs your help! You want to restore a vast kingdom and self importantly, protect everything that you restored from evil and insidious enemies that will surround you!

Construction and defense of a kingdom is not an simple, moreover, it is an occupation for generalists entertainment, so be prepared to face the caves in which lived ancient secrets, tall towers which settled powerful mages, be ready to jump in search of ancient artifacts, fight with scary monsters, check the strength of the loyalty of his friends and enemies force to study the ancient ruins of castles, face to face with magic, dragons, and most importantly, without which there can be no kingdom - Fair Princess, which also encounter certain difficulties, as usual ...

Features natives and Castles:

  • protecting the kingdom from a large number of threats
  • construction of a large number of interesting buildings
  • control over the development and life of the inhabitants
  • opportunity to gather a huge collection of rare artifacts
  • game and the war against your friends
  • Beauty and drawing graphs in the sum with great voice acting unforgettable experience

Attention! The game contains a cache path: android / obb


Natives and Castles


4.29★ 85.89%

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2014/03/16 10:54
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