Ice Age Village
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In this case, you will meet again with the heroes of the cartoon "Ice Age", who settled peacefully in his village, filled with joy and gladness, in fact as well as all parts of the movie! But became a classic protein and its acorn again caused a bit of trouble - in a fit of his cherished pursuit of prey protein organized crack again, only this time under the village, which settled all the locals! As a result, all managed to escape, but the old village in ruins, but to live on, so that your task - to build a new village for themselves and their friends and all the same animals that have suffered as a result of a small disaster.

Like many other brainchild of developers from Gameloft game is different quality and excellent integration capabilities, as between the players and the system itself from the developers - Gameloft Live, so try and choose the best!

Features Ice Age Village:

  • to meet all the heroes of the movie "Ice Age" and immerse yourself in the unique world of ice and adventure
  • Perform special assignments and play mini-games, which will be a major participant in protein!
  • build their dream village
  • with increasing your level, you can discover new animals and buildings, as well as the opportunity to hang decorations and much more
  • game integrated into social networks so invite your friends and play with them
  • watch for upcoming updates, they will have lots of new things!


Ice Age Village


4.08★ 81.67%

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2013/12/29 10:37
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