Thor 2
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The game's plot is based on the events of the film, where the powerful dark elves, led by their master Malekith gathered a great army to conquer the worlds 9i! Only the mighty Thor with the legendary hammer Mjolnir under force to crush the enemy and stop their plans to conquer the worlds. In the Torah alone is not easy to handle, in his fight against evil will help him Avengers and the best warriors of Asgard. Take part in the battle, destroy the enemies weapons and magic. The fate of the universe is now only in your hands!

Features Thor 2:

  • Attention! The game takes place on a local disk device, make sure that your phone has at least 1.6 GB of free space! Otherwise, download the game will not start.
  • Fight with crowds of enemies side by side with the best fighters of Asgard, and the full use of their useful magical powers of teleportation, healing and attack spells.
  • Your journey will take place in nine worlds, which have already been attacked by the dark elves, you have to clean up these worlds from evil, and free from invaders.
  • More than 90 game missions and a variety of purposes, with each level will increase and the power of opponents.
  • Improve your in-game character, for the Torah prepared 10 sets of combat hammers and armor.
  • Use the power of the divine power of the god of thunder, and his hammer!
  • Take part in the fighting in the arena, raise your Ingame rating, and strive to be the first on the leaderboard!

Attention, the game contains a cache, the path: sdcard / Android / obb


Thor 2


3.83★ 76.52%

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2013/11/10 10:26
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