JagPlay Backgammon online
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JagPlay Backgammon online


Backgammon is a very old game that has come from the east and has more than three thousand years! Some analogues were even found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, so it is not surprising that backgammon reached and your androids.
And Android users at this time especially lucky, the game offers the chance to play in the two types of backgammon - long and short, and it can be done in online, fighting with other players, which is enough ;)

The functional game:

  • you can play at multiple tables at once, so if you're bored - increase the number of tables
  • As in other games by this developer here as well implemented game with friends thanks to invite a specific player and add players to your friends list
  • if for some reason you do not want to play, then you can always watch someone else play, this possibility is also available
  • Online matches are held, in which the rule is used Crawford
  • If you decide to create your game, you will have a wide range of settings, ranging from privacy settings and ending time allotted to the player on the move
  • where the line is, there is the team, so create his or join an existing
  • in addition there is a list of friends chat, the ability to send a message to the game and some other features
  • self-register in the game is completely free


JagPlay Backgammon online


3.38★ 67.58%

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2013/08/17 15:26
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