Arma Tactics THD
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Arma Tactics THD


Needless to choose the android platform as the developers wanted to convey all the technical features of the game from the very beginning to excite the players, so it was decided to make a game for processors Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 other options, unfortunately, are not available. The project is very promising and has received tremendous support from the public, so that the process of improvement here is not to stop, I will mention that all bugs identified on the PC to android already been eliminated, we can say that we got the cream. In the game you will be offered a special squad, consisting of four, which you can control the step by completing various missions. As for the missions, here they are extremely a lot, which is the storyline itself is recommended to go through, but beyond that there is always a generator of new missions, which is always ready to come up with something new and surprise you another assignment. During the game you will be able to realize its tactical and strategic skills, if you will, there is always a classic option - burst upon the enemy, and shouting mindlessly, but you will have more losses and attempts, but it is the choice of everyone, anyway, to play the game can in any case, you decide. Among the opponents you just waiting for a variety of contrast, among whom will come across everything from fighters of local law enforcement and ending specially trained fighters are not inferior in skill even you. So what are the options and opportunities you weight, play, go through missions, discover new weapons and tactical features, and most importantly you know - this is just the beginning!


Arma Tactics THD

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3.81★ 76.22%

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2013/05/24 10:04
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