2XL Supercross HD
3.7 (253)

2XL Supercross HD


Competition in this game is evident throughout, not just the gameplay itself, which requires you to professionalism, but also in the development, work can be seen everywhere, and the efforts of developers. The game also added a large number of tracks, developed together with the real champion of this race - Stephane Roncada. The game of it, you may even be scary to imagine that the physics, graphics and all-around occurs unreal and fit on the palm of your hand, but get used to it, is the new standard for games like these.
Installation instructions:
- Download and install the apk, then connected to the Internet to download cache (for each game requires a different, unique), start the game, it will take off. Then you need to turn off the Internet, then in control applications erase data on the game Supercross and can safely play!


2XL Supercross HD


3.74★ 74.77%

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2012/10/22 11:21
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