zombie games for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


The second game, which will also be a continuation is already less bright and positive, compared to the past, because it's about zombies, fog and not the best day of your life ...


Long time since we had no arcade about zombies, so, we will correct this trend, especially since this game is positioned as "good", so, you should like it!


A fresh game about the zombie apocalypse, which is implemented in the format of a classic platformer, which will certainly cause nostalgia for most fans!


It's been a long time since I lost count, so I'm not trying, but one way or another, we are waiting for another theme with a zombie in the style of pixel-art and an excellent atmosphere of apocalypse and despair.


Another variation on the theme of the zombie apocalypse, which this time again came close to your home, literally forcing you to defend yourself!


The long-awaited continuation of the game about a zombie, in which you are not a victim, you are a hunter who is ready to destroy all who will stand in his way to the goal. Start engines, load weapons!


A new survival game in which you are sure to find all the fun - challenging tasks, zombies, the atmosphere of apocalypse and even a little bit of the horror genre!


Shooter, it's the shooter who tries very hard to sound like a shooting gallery, or it's a shooting gallery that took and went beyond the usual frames, it's up to you to shoot zombies, too, you have to drive them!


Another variation on the theme of the zombie, which, this time decided to move away in the direction of humor and fascinating action, away from the horrors and gloom of what is happening.


In order not to let go of the zombie theme, I propose to take a look at a fresh shooting range on this subject, here you have the role of a brave sniper, who shoots walking dead from level to level!


A fresh zombie game, in which we have a long way to the unknown, and how do you think that awaits you and your hero at the end of the route, which paved the developers?


Have you ever imagined a zoo reserve? Personally, I'm not, at least because most of the stories where there are zombies end at best are ambiguous ...

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