zombie games for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


A game for those who do not know how to entertain themselves, but in principle they are trying to find a game about zombies and apocalypse, and this is what the novelty of itself is.


A classic, rather cruel and gloomy game about our favorite zombies and another apocalypse, in the format of which we will be offered survival!


The strategy in which the developers decided to unite the formidable guys from the "mafia" and our beloved zombies .... What has come of it - read on, because you will agree, the composition is interesting!


January is not rich in high-profile novelties, another proof of what this shooter was, which once again throws us into battle against the hated zombies that flooded the city.


A fresh attempt from previously unknown developers to make a gloomy shooter with our favorite heroes - zombies, from which once again our hero will have to shoot back.


Fresh indie-game about zombies, which tells about the survival of two brothers who decided to meet hard enough all the dead people who will fall on their way!


An unusual zombie game, which has become a familiar design in the style of pixel-art and new features that you probably have not met before.


A game for an android that costs 10 dollars ... You know, we could not miss this, so, keep a review of the pixel game for $ 10 ... Maybe it's worth your money?


An interesting representative of the genre of "brodilok" and horror in one bottle, which tells another story about zombies and Nazis who became zombies, and you will fight with them!


Each developer has his own view of the zombie apocalypse, that's for sure! In our case, we will be shown it on the next side, which many would not have thought of ...


Apparently, we continue to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse, because this game is a regular "simulator" on this subject, let's see what they teach us ...


Another shooter about zombies, in which you will get acquainted with the thousandth apocalypse, its consequences and take part in their elimination, how long and successfully - in your hands!

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