Online for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


A new .io format project that will once again try to lure you with dynamic battles exclusively with real players around the world.


A fresh online game in which you will run, shoot and most importantly, all opponents are the other players who play with which is much more interesting than with bots;)


Shooter, who again offers us to fight with other players in an isolated area in the form of an island, but this time the game is different in principle, which is interesting.


A new action on the popular survival theme, when you are thrown to the island and you need to fight with other players! I note, this is the third game of such themes for the last couple of months.


Seeing the prefix .io, we are very likely to get a great action, which turned out to be not only fascinating, but also got the opportunity to battle with other players.


Another representative of the platform 'io', which will offer us another type of online battles in which you can show your superiority over other players and have fun.


A fresh arcade from the first half of January, when so many new developers decided to release their offspring in the light and show it to us ... Let's see how adequate this time.


It's always nice when eminent developers do not forget about mobile platforms, offering their owners not big, but still holidays, as in our case!


Unfortunately, shooters are not so common on androids for a number of reasons, but there are developers who are still moving this genre and today is one such example!


A new online arcade project, based on the already well-known "io" platform, widely used in a lot of such games, however, there are knights!


A fresh online arcade that literally from the first seconds of the game will remind you of another project ... so, today we will speak about an analogue, a copy or a fake, what exactly - we will decide.


The game for the android in which you need to survive after the apocalypse, and yet there is an open world, craft and other chips that we have been waiting for! I do not recommend this to be missed;)

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