Quests for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


The film "Alien" as well as the "Alien" and other representatives of this franchise have been included in the classics of horror and fantasy for many years, but what about the next game based on the film?


The next game, the appearance of the second part of which was quite difficult to believe, but it appeared, so, let's check what the developers gave us this time ...


For a good adventure game you need a story, and what could be better than a story based on the famous Harry Potter franchise?


Before you, a wonderful quest, the main participants will be a variety of mechanisms and of course your brain, which will have a great opportunity to warm up!


This game is fundamentally knocked out of the general fund of what is happening, as it is gloomy and sad, which is quite untypical, however, it does not stop to love this project ...


Games, especially today, are very different, but a separate place in our hearts is occupied by those in which the emphasis is placed on the plot, so we found something beautiful!


The intriguing continuation of the funny quest, which is still based on fun and so popular on the Internet "trolling", with the corresponding characters, but you already know them already;)


The second part of the game, which is even related to the first part of the game, but does not oblige it to pass, which is generally nice, the first part obviously did not shine ...


Quest with an explicit request for victory over many competitors is great for android, like and play comfortably, like and free, but as usual, not everything is so perfect ...


The latest game from the famous series of games "Rusty Lake", in which we will again be invited to go on an unforgettable and slightly strange adventure to a new location.


Many are familiar with the cult series Chris Carter - The X-Files, and many like it with all their heart, but how do you like to make a game on this topic? I think the idea is excellent!


A new and very fresh horror for an android that is still warm and ready to scare you in the forefront. Are you ready to go to the gloomy castle and unravel its secrets?

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