Quests for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


Fresh horror for your android, which have behind them not only all the chances of a continuation, but also an excellent work on the part of the genre, which is not often!


It's a retro game, and it's exactly what it should be! Yes, there are pixels here, but besides that the beautiful plot and the magnificent pixel-art, is not it a miracle?


A fresh quest in which you will become a hostage to dreams, who is already familiar with this? Of course, not without puzzles with the search for objects, we take!


An interesting story, challenging tasks, a cool storyline and events, the development of which will keep you in suspense, here's a good recipe on which to prepare this game!


Classic quests in the ribbon! And, it is worth noting that this time the rates are very high, it is a question of a global apocalypse, you will have to survive in it!


Text quests have long been firmly entrenched in a good account with many users of android, so I think it is necessary to show their next representative.


Unusual, rather positive, but in due time gloomy, atmospheric, a little scary game, which resembles adventures within the psychological thriller ... uh!


Moderately insane, very strange, but still fun and specific game about an office employee, like millions of others, find out yourself here?


Another room or case or part, but as you want, the meaning is that we are waiting for a new game from Rusty Lake, and this is already a significant event! We check our resourcefulness, again!


A new survival game in which you are sure to find all the fun - challenging tasks, zombies, the atmosphere of apocalypse and even a little bit of the horror genre!


A tremendous game that can become a real shake-up for avid gamers who are already tired of missing original and slightly crazy projects, to which this can be safely attributed.


A new round of "live" advertising, to which we will witness! How do you think that you can advertise by publishing a quest for andro? Never guess;)

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