Race for Motorola MILESTONE 3 XT860


A new arcade on the famous platform io, which again is ready to throw you into a bunch of events, which this time unfold in the format of the race!


There are classic races, and there are already more specialized ones, with one kind of such we will introduce you, within the framework of this game, specific, but still.


A new clicker that definitely makes you play it without being distracted, so, see for yourself, can you cope with such pressure or not?


You have not seen such races yet, seriously! Interestingly, it was on the mobile platform that such a format appeared for the first time, which means that we have a trendsetter here!


Racing, drift, excitement and adrenaline ... a normal person immediately imagines pumped cars that growl and smoke with rubber, but no ... today everything will be a little different!


In these arcade races you have to conquer not high-speed barriers, but steep mountains and similar irregularities, which you will meet today quite a fair amount!


While someone is experimenting, someone decided to make a classic race, about which many already began to forget, because this genre is more and more difficult to learn!


If to generalize, then all fans of cars can be divided into two types - those who love off-road and those who do not like it, this game for those who love.


Platform races, which are more correctly attributed to the genre of "action", because what is happening here is difficult to call a competition, it's more like a crazy battle!


New race for survival, which is not so well known all over the world, but where practiced are very popular! We ram the rivals and have fun!


In this application, you are waiting for the race, but not in the format to which you are accustomed, then you are waiting for the competition of animals that speed over the obstacle course!


Another attempt by developers to break into the elite on the android genre of "race", however, they clearly did not take into account the high enough standards that the competitors asked!

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