zombie games for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


An atypical, but still a zombie shooter for your android in which you will again fight against the army of the dead using a variety of weapons and enjoying voxel graphics.


A new shooting range with the makings of a shooter about zombies that appeared as a result of another apocalypse and want to destroy the remaining survivors, but your hero is called to stop this madness!


A new game about zombies on android, in which this time the walking dead will be confronted by animals, since everything unfolds in a fantastic universe, where they are much more dangerous!


The new game about zombies on Android, which appeared for a reason, is a direct reference to the film of the same name, which this month saw the light and has already managed to please fans!


Previously, the publisher Ketchapp appeared on our site every week or more often, but the pace began to slow down, and not only because of the increase in quality, but here is one of the reasons.


Raners on Android go out less and less, and those that appear try to show some originality as this example, because here we will talk about zombies, the school and its students.


A fresh, bright and positive game about zombies in which you have to face the consequences of the spread of a terrible virus and defend the outskirts of your hometown from monsters!


Another game about zombies has reached full access on android and is now available to everyone who wants to fight again for their lives with the consequences of a terrible virus!


The theme of the apocalypse is vast, interesting and multifaceted, which many are trying to implement, and today we will introduce you to the next game, moved from a PC.


This game can hardly be called the standard of the genre, but nevertheless, you are waiting for crowds of zombies, endless ammo rounds and pretty colorful locations, on which the action will unfold;)


Zombies attack again, and your defense, as in the last part of the game, should be ready to fight back and withstand any wave of enemies. Pump up fighters and take advantage of bonuses!


Voxel shooters have long been declining in popularity and relevance among the audience, but its number is enough for new projects for android to appear, one of which is before you.

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