Puzzle for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


The world of puzzles is wider and wider, which means that the imagination of the developers does not fade away, even when the number of games in the genre is uncountable ...


How many of you tried to defuse the bomb? Most likely few, but if there are such - you are great, since you are reading this, nevertheless, in this game you will have the opportunity of a new experience.


The theme of thefts and everything connected with it has long been well disclosed on the android, however, there are still a lot of variations and many developers actively use this, in particular through this example.


For a long time we have not heard anything useful about one popular developer, and some readers of our site will quickly figure out who they will be talking about, and here we have a new puzzle;)


Cool puzzle, which will not be some kind of discovery, but it is quite suitable as a typical time-killer on your smartphone, which will help pass the time.


The format of the games, according to which you get a lot of rooms and a door in each, which you need to open a long time familiar, but most often it is dark castles, and here school


And here is the fourth part of the game that many people remember in which one developer, with his modest powers, but with a great idea, was able to perplex millions of players.


All ingenious is simple, that's exactly what you can say about this game, which will show you on the one hand a simple, on the other hand a very entertaining gameplay.


The game for the brain in which you need to destroy, and for that there is everything you need, which means we invite lovers of chaos and such a kind of relaxation after a hard day on the way home.


Surprisingly unusual puzzle from Chinese developers in which they were able to tamp in one project and a warm-up for brains and battles with other players and turn-based gameplay.


Great puzzle format "three in a row", which should appeal to all fans of the genre, in the first place, it is different in that there really need to think.


In the regiment of casual, cute and even some useful games arrived, if you did not guess - we are talking about a “three in a row” puzzle, another one, yes, everything is as usual ...

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