defense for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


Do not let the monsters eat candy, because in this game for android it will be your main task. Why not? Monsters are different, these loves like candy ...


We here discovered that we managed to forget about another genre - Tower Defense! So, you have found a great game that all fans of the genre will love!


Funny action for your android, which primarily involves your reaction and attentiveness, and you can still say that here you have to defend your castle!


This game has become a kind of culmination of the Tower Defense genre, bringing together a lot of ideas, not only games, but also in terms of design, which is universal here.


A little tin to tape! The game is simple, funny, but obviously not suitable for especially impressionable players or those who have some phobias ... In general, see for yourself!


Pyramids have long been a source of myths, legends and amazing finds, but what if their real owners are against such a flow of visitors? Here we will understand!


Strategies from the "tower defense" genre have long been densely settled on mobile platforms and it was difficult to imagine something new and original, but this game surprised us!


A new attempt to combine several genres and directions at once, which will be of interest to all fans of classics and strategy, besides, the game is completely free!


Tower defense is a unique genre of its kind, it can be implemented in a variety of formats and in virtually any presentation, as in this case, for example.


A new and rather original strategy of the "Tower Defense" format from German developers will surprise you with not only excellent design, but also your unpredictability!


Novelty in the genre of "tower defense", which came out just a few days ago and has already won a good audience, and we'll see what the game bribed everyone;)


A new game from the genre, which has not appeared recently on our site, namely - the defense of a tower with the participation of zombies! A great combination, is not it?

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