Quests for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


Detective stories often catch players, so developers always try to come up with something new on this subject, as in this case, where the murder investigation is waiting for you.


The games about searching for objects, as well as quests of this format and whole stories more and more each year, but the developers of this novelty were able to surprise us!


Not only that school, so also zombies! What could be worse than this combination? However, the developers decided to joke, apparently, how and why - we will tell further.


Quests and other puzzles have long been densely populated on our androids and continue to replenish their ranks with very interesting projects like this one, and we will consider it.


Classic object search, which may well compete with similar projects in this genre, especially if you like interesting adventures.


The new horror for android, which finally turned out to be more or less adequate, especially when compared with a large number of other similar projects.


Quests do not happen much - somehow the developers thought so, fulfilling the task of creating the next representative of this genre, and most importantly - it turned out very interesting!


The fourth part of the franchise, which can finally be able to put a bullet on this storyline and allow you to start a new one? Anyway, try to figure it out ...


The game with an interesting plot in which you will take part in the disaster, its consequences and other turns, which the developers have prepared.


This game will definitely appeal to all fans of space adventure and the quest genre, where you not only train your brain, but also experience an interesting adventure.


Another mystical adventure awaits you in the framework of this project, which was prepared by one of the largest developers in its genre, with all the ensuing consequences ...


All fans of the Troll Face Quest series of games can rejoice, as this is the next game in the series from the original developers, so get ready and start exploring!

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