Action for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


The Transformers franchise has long been losing both profits and fans, but this did not stop them before the release of a new film, and at the same time a game that plays the role of advertising.


A bit of a classic format - what you need on the weekend! Especially if the game causes a violent attack of nostalgia, especially among those who still remember the hits of past years ...


Everyone knows who the snails are, they eat them somewhere, someone starts them as pets, somewhere they help fight pests and surely everyone knows that they are slow, and then there is a war with them!


Relatively recently, the subject of the battle of robots in the arena has become very relevant and received a corresponding reflection in the gaming industry, about this and the game.


A novelty that will interest all fans of the STALKER theme, which is rather poorly represented on the android, but is gradually developing and expanding.


New in the genre of zombie games, which will offer to survive in the next variation of the world, which has experienced a terrible epidemic, and people in the classical sense have become an endangered species.


Role-playing platform game based on the dynamic action in the world with shadows and heroes who actively use swords, axes and other powerful weapons to achieve their goal.


Zombie games have received a new round of development and now, increasingly, these are multiplayer projects that involve the joint survival of many players.


If shooting pigeons is not yours - we offer to shoot zombies, which is more familiar and more humane, as it seems to us, in any case, in this game you will have to survive again!


When the zombies are already bored, you can find other enemies and switch to them, in this case pigeons play their role ... Even if they do not look dangerous, the task is exactly that.


Adventure for Android, which has not yet stood the test of time, but it interested us because of its classic format, which we like very much.


The fifth part of the game about the thief who has already become famous, who got involved in another adventure, of which you will definitely become, of course, on your android;)

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