Action for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


The day of the release of this game became significant for many, however, we are sure that only at the beginning, and then everything went a little wrong along that road, and what’s wrong here - we will tell.


In this role-playing game, the fate of the whole world once again falls into your hands, and this is not a joke! Nevertheless, you have a suitable hero for this, a strong and brave one, and also you can assemble a team!


How about another game from the Korean studio, which once again decided to tell us about the zombie apocalypse or something like that, while creating an excellent platform game?


Relatively recently, we talked about the fact that mobile games are approaching the quality of consoles, and here, at least a visual proof of our theory, see for yourself!


New (for most of the game world) role-playing game in which you have to go through time and space to save the future, which is now in a trend ...


If you are not tired of the ubiquitous "retro" that flooded both the gaming industry and the Internet as a whole, then here is a novelty that will interest you.


Fans of "anime" can rejoice - there was a new runner, he is a slasher using this particular style, which has long been able to win millions of fans.


Zombie games are a real outlet for all fans of the gaming industry, moreover, they are becoming more interesting and here is a great example of that, read on!


If you notice, sometimes we have games that are released to significant premieres in the cinema, and by the name of this game you can easily guess what will be discussed.


New in the genre of "retro", which is quite suitable for all fans of both Korean "greens" and classic role-playing games, of course, with some modern features.


If anyone remembers, there was such a film - cowboys against aliens, and here we will have cowboys against zombies ... It’s hard to say who and where got the virus in those times, but not the essence, but it’s fun.


Many have heard about the dark side of the Internet, which has many different names, but we lead to the fact that this was the inspiration for the new horror on your andoroid.

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