Action for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


The original and very interesting mixture of horror and survival, which involves cooperation with other players, because only by joint efforts will it be possible to get out of this hell.


Role-playing game, made in a classic format and with an attempt to give you excellent graphics, and the plot is twisted on a typical confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, to which everyone is already accustomed.


This format of role-playing games has long been established on our androids, so now they will appear more and more, offering you some variety, maybe someone hits a little?


Novelty among role-playing games, which among other things will offer you to try your hand at improving your settlement and the world around it, but do not think that this is another farm, everything is much more interesting.


Continuing the theme of Pokemon on android, this game appeared, which has a simple and clear gameplay that will suit almost every fan of these cute creatures.


Another novelty in the genre of role-playing games is again ready to offer you a variety of battles, the formation of your team, battles with both monsters and real players, and this is done in anime style;)


Summer is a time when many young players in many countries around the world have vacations, which means a lot of free time, so why not fill it with another role-playing game? Consider a novelty!


New format or typical parasitism on the brand? We will try to answer this question today in the review of the novelty based on a very popular game with a bunch of characters ...


There is such a game as Mad GunZ, which became the progenitor of today's new product, which is a royal battle mode, which was brought into a separate project, let's see!


A fresh and very positive action in which we are once again offered to take under our care a team of heroes with an extensive set of skills, but what kind of team it will be is up to you!


Another multiplayer role-playing game for your android, which will send you to the world of fantasy, magic and dragons, offering a variety of options for wasting your time;)


The same case, when the role-playing game came out first for iOS, and only then for the android and we waited for it, especially looking at the first assessment, which turned out to be quite high, check it out!

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