space for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


In this Android game, you will control a hero who, like many others, cleans up new planets that mankind has decided to colonize, crushing the resistance of the "local" ...


Alluring space has always attracted millions of players, but this time Android users who are ready to realize their talents in military tactics also got this opportunity!


A world-class classic often falls on mobile platforms, however, most often it is a typical “port” from the PC version, and how it threatens you know, but this case is a bit different and why ....


Win the leadership in the Galaxy, testing a new space strategy for android made in the style of "retro" and containing a huge number of references that you definitely notice.


Strategy for android in which you will capture enemy "planets", and all this is implemented in a very classic format, with which millions are familiar.


This game will definitely appeal to all fans of space adventure and the quest genre, where you not only train your brain, but also experience an interesting adventure.


Here is a very interesting mix of science fiction, horror, strategy and a quest that tells the story of the crew of the crashed ship stuck on an uninhabited planet ...


In recent years, we have managed to see quite a lot of space strategies, but there are some exclusive pieces in this one that did not allow us to pass by!


The races lately more and more often come across not the most standard ones, which is even interesting, because cars and motorcycles start to bother, it's time to go into space!


Fresh arcade, which again will offer you to go into space and surf it in an attempt to break another record and hold out as long as possible!


A novelty in the genre of space strategies, which received at its disposal the cult universe Star Trek, which definitely will cause a lot of interest among its many fans.


A relatively fresh strategy, the actions of which will unfold in space, so if the earthly problems do not interest you, pay attention to this project.

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