Arcade for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


In this clicker for android you get not only a squad of Rangers and their base, but also a classic pixel design, cool gameplay and a lot of everything you can do.


Your adventure runs through the ruins of ancient Greece, where you will, with the help of the gods from Olympus, make your way further and further, trying to achieve your goal at any cost.


The real shop in the world of fantasy, this is what you will be offered in this game for android! Tired of fighting monsters? Let's open the store, take a look at the world through the eyes of the NPC!


Become a winner in sea battles! This is what you will be offered to do in this free game for android, the main theme of which were the pirates, who increasingly appear in the masses ...


Manage your team to make the rest of your visitors comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable! Beautiful locations, a variety of tasks and much more in this free game for android.


Many people dream of becoming a knight, but only in their senses they probably don’t want to be in the Middle Ages, especially if they promise you a deadly obstacle course.


Cute at first glance, but insanely dangerous upon closer examination, an adventure for your android, which will show you a dark and cruel world ...


Act as a dark magician who will fight a wide variety of opponents with the help of dark forces and faithful skeletons under a heavy metal soundtrack!


Combining golf, the future and billiards may seem rather strange ideas, but in fact it turned out very interesting, see for yourself!


What many people know about parkour for a long time already, it burst tight into our life many years ago, but what do you think about parkour on cars? This game is a great option to check.


A new project about zombies, which is implemented in the format of a platformer, which, among other things, received a plot component and quite a lot of content, especially by the standards of the genre.


Novelty in the genre of jumpers for your android, which has at its disposal a cute cat and retro pixel design, what could be better?

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