Arcade for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


This year we still have few games checked, but this one, at the moment, is definitely the most beautiful of all! At the same time, what is happening you should also like it, be sure to pay attention.


How do you think, how many new things can be found in the game about zombies on an android which has received such a typical name? We also think that it is not so much, but we will try.


For those who are still having the New Year holidays, there is a great game that will quite quickly pull you back into the work process and allow you to be at work already prepared ...


Another arcade game in which you have to throw something and aim somewhere, although some representatives of this format are very popular, let's see what happened this time.


For the most sophisticated there is a special format of games that are difficult to call recognizable, popular, or some other, they are different and that says it all, here is one of those.


Continuing or just an alternative look at one of the characters. Cartoon Network is a platform runner, where you have to collect coins and jump again.


We, of course, understand that many early genres have been developing for a long time, but what they tend to call themselves otherwise still bothers, especially when the clicker is served as a role-playing game ...


The developers of the new pixel and rather positive game will offer you to protect themselves and their friends, in which we will again have to face another zombie apocalypse ...


Excellent classic platformers will always be in high esteem, they are suitable for both children and adults, so we are always happy to look at the novelty that we will do now!


What do you think should be the best golf game in the world? Opinions may be different, but one candidate we will show you today, read under the cut;)


Very exciting continuation of the popular platformer about the war, shooting and other classic provisions of this genre, which were laid on the first consoles.


Simple (from the point of view of understanding) games came out and will go out. Here is a vivid example of this trend, which one way or another will be able to win its place in the sun.

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