Arcade for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


A horror game in which you will be confused with finding a way out of a very dark house and revealing the secrets of mysterious neighbors. It is necessary to escape in five days.


Here is an arcade with a simple to the obscene scenario, where a black hole draws in blocks from the surface. The bomb is also lying on the location, but it is better to leave. Ready to destroy everything?


If simulators for the development of your farm are already fed up, try yourself as an archaeologist, get interesting relics to popularize the fading museum. Noble occupation!


A popular experience for experienced motorcyclists is to take a ride on the rear wheel, which is now possible on an android, where you will be asked to do this dangerous entertainment.


Interesting locations in which you can move freely, a motorcycle and only a time limit will not allow to go headlong into the proposed gameplay of the next time killer!


Runners, though, are losing ground, but still remain a very, very popular genre, and if you add some more interesting markers to the game, it will be very cool, as happened in this case.


A genre that has not appeared on our website for a long time and in general has long since passed its ground on the world gaming scene, it's all about the “runner” in the format of which this bicycle chase was built.


Card strategy in which you do not need to collect a collection of cards, as is customary usually in this genre, here you control an army of cards and the one who can gather an army more than your opponents will win!


The fishing simulator, which actually turned out to be much more interesting than a real simulator, because here you will find the dynamics, a minimum of distracting problems and the opportunity to assemble your collection of fish!


The clickers continue to develop, this time offering you to plunge into the cares of the mafia syndicate and get to the very top, building your empire, where you will be the boss!


A new clicker on an old topic that bothers entrepreneurs and those who just want to sit and do nothing, while getting a steady income, talking about Bitcoin, if that;)


Soon the next film from the franchise, which includes Japanese monsters, including Godzilla, King Kong and other prehistoric creatures, and here is a game based on;

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