Arcade for Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite


The fact that cats are familiar with martial arts - has been known for a long time, however, in this game you will have to put all this into practice, fighting countless opponents.


An online clicker that will knock your heads together with other players and offer to pump the next character, and why not? The game promises to be fun!


Jumper on the contrary - this is what can be said about this game, which may well become another time killer, which will take your time and attract your attention.


Combining a clicker with a classic arcade game is a good idea, especially if the game gets simple controls and quite addictive gameplay, as in this case.


The game, the description of which will amaze almost everyone! Here and the future and robots and spaceships and war, but, is this really all about it? We will check, do not worry!


The new clicker that supports the air theme, namely, airplanes and spacecraft, as well as some other flying things, in general, will appeal to all fans;)


Tanks do not happen much, even if we are talking about games, especially since our site has not had tanks for a long time, so keep up-to-date games about tanks on your android, so how? Read further.


Clicker in which there are many gnomes, what do you think will be here? Of course, the gold they love to mine! Ready to get rich? Then read on and we will tell you how.


A new runner for android, which for some reason seemed to us very appropriate and even very relevant. How and why it happened - read on, and we will tell.


After a short break, we are again waiting for another interesting project from the resilient studio Ketchapp, which has been pleasing us for several years with original projects.


A new game that will be a great time-killer for all who love the classics, and this is a large number of players! By the way, let's say right away, this is not a role-playing game, this is an ordinary arcade game!


Continuation of the platformer with a logical bias will appeal to all fans of the genre and the last part, let's see what the developers decided to change and how the game became better.

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