Action for HTC Desire Q


Platform slasher, the main character of which is a very famous character from the myths of East Asia, and here there are a lot of enemies who need to be scattered and destroyed.


A typical horror movie for android in which your hero will again find himself in a difficult and intimidating position from which you will have to get out, hold if you were looking!


Funny action for your android, which primarily involves your reaction and attentiveness, and you can still say that here you have to defend your castle!


The game of survival is popular, and still popular zombies, and even dinosaurs ... but what if you combine these three directions in one game? The result is in front of you, read more.


And another role-playing game, which took over the title of MMORPG, but at the same time decided to stay easy to rise, trying to save some important things ...


Role playing is one of the foundations of the whole industry and it is logical and even expected that many new items resemble (try in any case) the best, but here is another example.


The situation, as in this case is typical, on the one hand, and on the other hand is unique in its own way, so we must tell about it, we hope it will be interesting.


The times of ancient Rome are widely covered in history, movies and TV shows, so almost everyone knows about slaves, gladiators and their rebellions, and you will find yourself in this world.


Novelty in the clicker genre, which the developers boldly called the role-playing game, because this is exactly what the evolution of the genre looks like, which you can observe on your own with this example.


The history of this series is longer than you can imagine, which means that the game will be interesting not only for children, but also for everyone who is over 80 years old ... But this is unlikely;)


New adventures in the world of the zombie apocalypse, so you can not worry until this genre loses its position, rather, it performs castling to build new values.


New role-playing game that continues a series of projects of the same name that you could see earlier, only this time you will be asked to become a pirate!

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