Action for HTC Desire Q


The success of the Chernobyl series was also reflected in the gaming industry, so, before you a fresh variation on radiation and escape from the hospital, the action will unfold yourself know where ...


The epic plot assumes the presence of a cool hero with a large ax, the role of which is assigned to you, and definitely not very lucky for all opponents on the way today ...


The game, which appeared in the spring of this year, but for a long time was in the format of early access, but finally the developers decided that it was ready, which means it's time to destroy the zombies!


A novelty for the android in which you have to take the side of evil and control the necromancer who decided to destroy all life on the planet, so someone could anger him so much!


Becoming a killer, a policeman or an ordinary observer is what awaits you in this new product, and each role has its own characteristics and nuances for the development of what is happening, we check!


A novelty that few expected, but many were happy to see, especially when you consider that it will fully allow you to demonstrate the new capabilities of your android!


A simple design, a top view and a pronounced tendency to simple forms, but at the same time, before you is an addictive action about zombies, which can be recommended to fans of the classics!


This game will again offer us adventures, the events of which will unfold thanks to your intelligence and the combination assembled on the table in the form of "three in a row" ...


We don’t think that the matter is in trends that haven’t reached the gaming industry as a whole, and what’s happening on the android, but this is a role-playing game where the main characters are girls!


And role-playing games are becoming more and more ... The novelty offers a gloomy atmosphere, a lot of social aspects, interesting mechanics and others, which have already become standard nuances ...


An unusual role-playing game for android, which came to us from Korea and involves a lot of activities for you and your character, combining with other players and a scientific approach!


Gather a team of creatures with green skin and go to battle with other representatives of an interesting fantasy world that will unfold on your android!

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