Action for HTC Desire Q


And this is also a platformer that has only clearly evolved, so much so that it’s difficult to even introduce it to the “native” genre ... however, do not let the 2.5D world fool you, it's a classic!


Most often, in this format, there are fighter simulators, but this time the owners of androids were lucky, because you will see a helicopter - a more universal combat unit!


Judging by the name, an epic rubilovo awaits us with the use of edged weapons, but in the first mission you still get a machine gun ... don’t worry, then they will give a sword, and so, an excellent bagel!


The world in 2.5D format, a variety of skills and turn-based battles that fit on one screen, and the atmosphere of a large Asian metropolis is a nice combination!


Pixels and classic games, in addition to typical arcades, are still gloomy dungeons that offer you to plunge into the world of another bagel on the android, so let's learn!


Many believe that the number seven brings good luck, but the developers of this horror movie for android clearly think differently, because it is from the seventh floor that you will have to escape, under the threat of death.


A bit of classics in the tape, which reminded our administration of the old Bedlam game, which may be familiar to those who played games back in 1996, when there was no hint of android ...


We love games with potential on our site, no matter how they look at the moment, and just such an example has recently caught my eye, and he acts in the action genre for android!


A role-playing game on Android, which looks like many others, is played similarly and by and large, offers a similar set of functions and capabilities ... So what is special about this instance?


All fans of the gaming industry know about the good old game that tells about the adventures of such a character as Aladdin, but this time you will find a role-playing game with step-by-step gameplay ...


An Asian-style role-playing game that will appeal to those who love fantasy and those who love games of exactly this format, so if you don’t have enough bagels on the android, this is another.


Cool role-playing games will always be one of the pillars of the gaming industry, which means it will always be appreciated the classic, which in its pure form has come to the android in the form of a continuation of a gloomy rogualea!

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