Action for HTC Desire Q


I am sure that many people were waiting for this game, and they are not sure that many waited for exactly what they wanted ... however, what is happening is more than expected, so we'll figure it out;)


A rare, but almost always welcome guest on our site is a good role-playing game, especially if there is any chip in it, in this case, the chip was found and not one;)


Another blend is a riner with a slasher, where the main characters will be mutants, big and strong, crushing everything in their path, indiscriminately and without delay!


A game that we simply could not miss! Not only does it resemble classic role-playing games of old, so there's a lot of possibilities, see for yourself!


Sometimes in an attempt to create something strange, the developers are still getting something good, as in this case, and yet, we have not had scrolling shooters for a long time!


A novelty for the android, which will appeal to all adventurers, ready to go to the most dangerous adventure, for the sake of solving the ancient secrets and relics!


Horrors, both in the cinema and in the gaming industry, is a specific topic, which is more difficult to keep afloat over the years, but someone is still trying and that's the result!


Continuing the theme of turn-based games, we suggest that you look at the new bagel, based on the comic book characters MARVEL, known to the whole world and even more;)


Novelty from a series of games that, like an avalanche, have swept the players around the world in the last six months and continue to do so, developing competition and other useful chips.


A beautiful pixel platformer about the skeleton, which went against its creator and decided to fight the evil, which in this world and so too much!


Epic fighting game, in which your main weapon will be a good reaction and the sword of your hero, something like this has repeatedly appeared, but such games do not happen much!


A fresh variation on the theme of Vikings, platformers and action games, that the game in itself was able to unite, if interesting - read on, we will take it to the shelves.

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